Central Heating Installation and Refurbishment Bristol

Ambient Heating & Plumbing offer the highest level of skill, experience and qualification to deliver requirements for the full spectrum of central heating systems.

New Installations

When installing customers’ new central heating systems, we develop the optimal solution taking into account the customer requirements in combination with the regulatory requirements. We advise on energy efficiency, reliability, economical and environmental issues related to the installation you are interested in.

We also provide the required Gas Safety certification


Customers looking to convert their central heating and hot water system, for example a conventional back-boiler and hot water cylinder system into condensing combination boiler system, are in the right place with Ambient Heating & Plumbing in Bristol. You should find this provides much more efficiency in heating and a significant reduction in utility bills.

Under Floor Heating

Underfloor heating systems can be tailored to your needs and circumstances to realise a higher level of comfort in your home, as well as efficiency improvements and ongoing savings on energy bills and reduced maintenance. We can design, supply and install into screed floors or trays onto wooden joists, ready for tiles, wooden and laminate flooring or carpets.

radiator installers bristol


We will install new radiators and heated towel rails onto your system.
We also carry out all manner of replacement, relocation and removal of existing radiators.

Power Flushing

Are you currently experiencing:

  • cold radiators or radiators with cold spots?
  • noisy boiler?
  • a heating system that is slow to warm up?

Power flushing is a very effective maintenance measure to maintain the health of your central heating systems. We clear out rust and mineral deposits from your pipes, radiators, boilers and heat exchangers.

We carry out the flushing process using a power flush machine in combination with a MagnaCleanse® Rapid Flush Filter and then clean the system with Sentinel X800 cleaner.

After the cleansing process we implement measures to protect your system and help maintain its efficiency by inhibiting repeated build up of iron oxide, meaning hotter water, a warmer home and reduced utility bills.

Central Heating System Protection

Bristol and the surrounding area has very hard water. We recommend some simple additions to your system to prolong the life and long-term efficiency.

We use Magnaclean® to collect all the iron oxide (rust) particulate that is flowing around your system. These ferrous metals will collect at the Magnaclean®. We recommend the annual addition of an inhibitor solution to reduce occurence over time. If you have an older system, we’d suggest a prior powerflush as well.

Inline descaler, such as the Salamander range, are another important component of system protection. As water passes through the descaler it is subjected to a ceramic magnet where a small electrical charge is placed on the water particles, altering the behaviour of hard water-soluble salts in the solution. The salts thus remain in solution longer whenever water is heated thus reducing scale formation. Any crystals that do form are in aragonite form (needle shape) which is less adhering to metal surfaces and tend to be washed through the system.