A Guide to Boiler Fault Codes

Modern boilers tend to be pretty reliable, but like any other piece of equipment, they are not immune from faults. It’s always a pain when your boiler stops working, of course, but before you call a qualified boiler engineer to come out and fix it, it’s a good idea to attempt at least some basic diagnosis of the problem.

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Boiler service checklist

The last thing you want to happen when the cold comes around is for your boiler to break down. Keep your home comfortably warm by scheduling regular boiler maintenance at least once a year with a qualified engineer.

Even if you are not an expert, you can have peace of mind knowing the technician you hire is doing their job right by referring to this handy boiler service checklist.

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New Housing Developments in Bristol

Bristol is a diverse and vibrant city that thrives on its extraordinary culture, breathtaking sights, and wonderful neighbourhoods. It is also a city that is growing, with many housing developments in and around the city to cater for its growing population. If you are considering making the move to Bristol, then here are five new housing developments that you might want to consider. Continue reading “New Housing Developments in Bristol”

The Best Bathroom Renovations in Bristol

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, so it’s no wonder that it often takes priority when it comes to planning a remodel.

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Regulations that May Affect Your Bristol Bathroom Refit

In our previous post, we touched on some of the important questions you might want to ask yourself when preparing for a potential bathroom refurbishment. However, we focused mainly on important points that would gauge your readiness for said refitting and the possible outcome of the project. Today, we’ll get down to the legal side of things and explore the various permissions and approvals that you will need before any work can be done to your bathroom.

People tend to hesitate when they find out bathroom renovations have legal implications. By now, you may be second-guessing yourself since government processes are associated with long lines, lots of paperwork and fees. Don’t worry though, as long as you go through the proper processes, getting a building regulations approval is relatively painless. If your bathroom will definitely benefit from a good overhaul, don’t let legalities hamper your plans. Continue reading “Regulations that May Affect Your Bristol Bathroom Refit”

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Fitting a New Bathroom

Home renovations in general, take a lot of time, money and patience – even more so when it’s an important part of the house such as the bathroom. Fitting a new bathroom is not something that’s easy to do on the fly.

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How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

Britain has never been renowned for its warm climate and unfortunately, the risk of your pipes freezing over, and in the worst cases, bursting, only rise the longer your plumbing is left unchecked in the cold.

Frozen pipes can have an adverse effect on your life, from disrupting your daily routine, to causing expensive damage to your home, they’re definitely a danger you need to be prepared for. Continue reading “How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing”

Is Underfloor Heating the Right Choice for Your New Bathroom?

We’ve looked at how to decorate your bathroom before, but if you’re lucky enough to be going for a full bathroom refit then now is definitely the time to consider underfloor heating.

Underfloor Heating is an Efficient Heating Solution

An underfloor heating mat is a relatively inexpensive way to heat a small area like a bathroom and it has some big advantages compared to a radiator. A heating mat is a far more efficient way of heating as, unlike a radiator, the heat is dispersed over a much wider area and doesn’t immediately dissipate if you open the bathroom window. And because the heating element is invisible, you’ll get a much more streamlined and high quality look, while also saving space. This is essential if you only have a small bathroom. Continue reading “Is Underfloor Heating the Right Choice for Your New Bathroom?”