Is Underfloor Heating the Right Choice for Your New Bathroom?

We’ve looked at how to decorate your bathroom before, but if you’re lucky enough to be going for a full bathroom refit then now is definitely the time to consider underfloor heating.

Underfloor Heating is an Efficient Heating Solution

An underfloor heating mat is a relatively inexpensive way to heat a small area like a bathroom and it has some big advantages compared to a radiator. A heating mat is a far more efficient way of heating as, unlike a radiator, the heat is dispersed over a much wider area and doesn’t immediately dissipate if you open the bathroom window. And because the heating element is invisible, you’ll get a much more streamlined and high quality look, while also saving space. This is essential if you only have a small bathroom. Continue reading “Is Underfloor Heating the Right Choice for Your New Bathroom?”