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We are a professional Bristol based plumbing and heating company providing fast, cost effective and top quality boiler installations.

Professional Boiler Installation Services in Bristol

Whether you need a new boiler installing or need to replace an old central heating system, we are here to help. We’re accredited installers for many brands of combi-boiler and offer up to 10-years warranty on all our boiler installations when working with reliable brands. We focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

When should you replace your boiler?

Your boiler is responsible for up to 60% energy bills which means that if it’s not running efficiently it could be costing you serious money every month. Even compared to 10 years ago, today’s boilers are far more efficient, many include clever controls that allow you to control the temperature in different parts of your house so that you aren’t wasting money heating rooms equally that aren’t used equally. According to the latest estimates, those living in a detached house swapping an old traditional boiler for a new style condensing boiler will save an average of £650 in energy efficiency.

Boilers last roughly 15 years before the cost of maintaining the old one is outweighed by the benefit of installing one of the latest models of super-efficient boilers. As your boiler creaks towards its final years call out charges (the average call out charge is £210) and more frequent cold baths and winter mornings when the heating won’t turn should make you start thinking about which boiler to replace it with.

Which new boiler should I buy?

A new boiler is an investment for the next 15 years so it pays to get the decision right. Are you thinking of extending your house and adding a new bathroom or perhaps installing solar panels?

All new boilers are condensing boilers which means that they save energy by condensing water vapour into water. There are 3 main types of gas condensing boiler:

  • Combi boiler – its less catchy full name is a combination boiler, they heat water as and when you need it so you DON’T need a hot water storage tank OR cylinder.
  • Conventional boiler – requires a hot water storage tank AND cylinder which means heating water and storing it up for later use. Used on an old pipework system at low pressure.
  • System boiler – a modern version of the conventional boiler that is typically smaller, easier/cheaper to install, which would still need a cylinder but NO STORAGE Tank in the loft, these boilers are a sealed system with internal pump and run at a higher pressure and incorporates a modern safety valve.

Combi boilers are best for smaller houses with only one bathroom, their compact size also makes them more suitable for smaller properties. Properties with more than one bathroom will want to consider a system boiler. Conventional boilers are the best option where water pressure is low and properties have older radiators which are unable to cope with high water pressure delivered using Combi and System boilers.

The bigger your property the more powerful the boiler you will need. All boilers display the heating requirements and how much hot water they can provide. Our experts are also only a phone call away to help you decide. Once you have a better understanding of the type of boiler installation you require we suggest adhering to the following:

  • Choose a reliable brand – the best boiler brands are up to 20% more likely to be fault-free after 6 and a half years compared to less reliable brands.
  • Ask for recommendations – do your research, use Google but also speak to a specialist boiler installer like Ambient Heating. We aren’t incentivised to install particular brands of boilers which means that you can trust that we will only recommend the best boiler for your specific circumstances.

We provide the best solution and care you deserve on your boiler. With all of Ambient’s installations, we offer to include a Magnaclean® and an inline descaler which will prolong the life and long-term efficiency of the boiler.

Why choose Ambient Heating for Boiler Installations in Bristol?

  • We have installed 100s of boilers in Bristol and the surrounding region since 2008.
  • We fully guarantee our work and all boilers come with up to a 10-year guarantee.
  • We only install high rated and energy efficient boilers.
  • Our team provide completely independent advice and guarantees only to recommend the best boiler for your property.
  • We only supply and install boilers from leading manufacturers.
  • discuss and introduce various and latest technologies that can help you give the best out of your boiler.

Areas We Cover

Ambient Heating cover the whole of the Greater Bristol area, including:

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Up to 10-years warranty on these quality boiler brands
Worcester Bosch

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