Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation in Bristol

In practice a system based around an unvented hot water cylinder is a brilliant solution for homes with more than one bathroom.

Unvented cylinders are now the preferred water heating solution for all new build and refurbishments.

They provide a powerful supply of hot water, without a significant loss of performance if more than one tap or shower is used simultaneously, making them ideal for modern dwellings which include several bathrooms.

As unvented cylinder installers in Bristol we work with more and more homeowners who are having luxury bathroom products installed, such as multi-jet showers and jetted air baths. These require large quantities of hot water and fast flow rates to operate effectively, making unvented cylinders the right choice.

As well as meeting the needs of the domestic consumer, there is also a demand for unvented hot water storage from businesses. A large unvented cylinder – or several installed in sequence – can provide an ideal solution where there’s high demand at peak times such as hotels, leisure centres, offices, schools and hospitals.

With the demand for ‘greener’ water heating solutions, unvented cylinders also work with solar water heating systems. Solar panels collect heat from the sun, which then heats a liquid contained in the system’s pipework. This is then circulated through a coil located in the base of a specially designed cylinder, which then transfers heat to the stored water – producing domestic hot water.

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Qualified Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installers in Bristol

Ambient Heating & Plumbing are BPEC G3 qualified, and therefore ready to install any unvented hot water system.

We can also provide annual services on such systems to ensure they are operating correctly and are maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions, thus ensuring your home insurance is valid.

It is very important that you choose a competent, qualified plumber to fit systems with unvented hot water cylinders. It is a legal requirement that they hold the correct certifications for the task.


  • Higher pressure for showers, bath and kitchen, i.e. baths and basin fill more quickly
  • Create more loft space
  • Less risk of water contamination once storage/feed cisterns are removed
  • Flexible location – cylinders can be installed in many places, such as garage
  • Quieter system – no noise from cistern
  • Reduced chance of pipes freezing

How it works

Expansion within the unvented hot water storage system will either be taken up by air gap in the top of the cylinder or taken up by an expansion vessel.

These systems include various safety devices, one of which is a temperature relief valve, designed to discharge hot water safely to a drain should the temperature in the system increase above a predetermined level.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation in Bristol Guides

Unvented hot Water Cylinder

A Guide to Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

2nd September 2016

What is an unvented hot water cylinder?

An unvented hot water cylinder is a water vessel which holds heated water under extreme pressure, feeding it out when a hot water tap or appliance is opened and providing instant hot water. Because the system is completely pressurised, there is no need to vent it to the atmosphere – hence the name. Read more