Full Central Heating System Installation Services

Affordable and efficient heating systems installation in Bristol. We can design and install entire central heating systems which will be tailored to your specific needs.

New Central Heating Installations

When installing customers’ new central heating systems, we develop the optimal solution taking into account your needs in combination with the regulatory requirements. We advise on energy efficiency, reliability, economic and environmental issues related to the installation you are interested in.

We also provide the required Gas Safety certification

Central Heating Upgrades

Customers looking to convert their central heating and hot water system, for example, from a conventional back-boiler and hot water cylinder system into condensing combination boiler system, are in the right place with Ambient Heating & Plumbing in Bristol. You will find this results in much more efficient heating and a significant reduction in utility bills.

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How to Bleed your Radiators on a Combi Boiler System

21st February 2020

It’s frustrating when you turn on the heating on your combi boiler and your home takes forever to get warm. It’s a miserable experience when it doesn’t warm up at all, or when you expect to have a hot bath or shower and you’re greeted with chilly water instead.

If you’ve found yourself in such situations, you might need to bleed the radiators on your combi boiler system. Read more